The partnership is developing the following outputs

Comparative report
Partners will prepare a comparative report about the HEALTH LITERACY AND INTERNET of the USE in each country. The report will be preceded by the survey about the similarities and differences of carers in each country, the level of health and ehealth literacy and the use of
internet for health related information.

Training methodology
This output will be a training curriculum and the related methodology to improve the ehealth literacy skills of informal carers of older persons.
The training will be based on the eHealth literacy definition adopted by the US Institute of Medicine, i.e. “the ability to seek, find, understand, and appraise health information from electronic sources and apply the knowledge gained to addressing or solving a health
problem”. At the heart of this model there are six core skills (or literacies) upon which our training curriculum will be built: traditional literacy, health literacy, information literacy, scientific literacy, media literacy, and computer literacy.

Student’s Toolkit
This output will be a set of tools that learners will be able to use at home to review the concepts learnt in the class and to strengthen the skills acquired during the training course.
The digital toolkit will include:
(1) A handbook, providing background information, summarizing the concepts explained by the trainer and including further reading suggestions and bibliography (Translated to all Partners languages)
(2) An exercise book, presenting a set of exercises that the learner can do at home to practice the acquired skills (Translated and developed with country specific exercises).
(3) A Glossary, including words referring to health-related issues as well as to ICT and media features (Translated to all Partners languages)

E-learning course
In order to support the transferability and wider exploitation of the training programme – also considering that barriers to attending class-room training are quite common among heavy-carers – this outcome will be an e-learning / MOOC version of the training programme.
From the e-course, informal carers from partner countries and beyond, will be able to go through the training contents specifically adapted to be usable and understandable remotely. The e-learning course, available in all partners’ languages, will be accessible for free from a dedicated e-learning platform. For each module, users will be able to go through interactive resources.