Effects of the Introduction of the eLILY Project in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, internet-based technologies are rarely used to improve the lives of older people, primarily due to the fact that the health and social care systems have not been reformed to deliver quality e-health services. The recent implementation of the eLILY project in Bulgaria has led to several positive developments, which could constitute a first step towards introducing and disseminating e-health systems.

The eLILY project and the benefits of new e-health technologies were presented to municipal social workers and psychologists working with the elderly in three Bulgarian cities, as well as to leading representatives of social scientists at the conference ‘Dimensions of Care: Between Personal Experience, Social Regulations, and Health Activism’ held at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

Altogether, the introduction of the eLILY project in Bulgaria highlighted the need for both improvement and transformation of the health and social care systems, such that new internet-based technologies, which meet modern standards for e-health literacy, are successfully implemented, disseminated, and developed over time across the country.