Project elily: Pilot phase in Poland

The Polish partner organized first day of pilot phase in March 2020. The piloting phase of the
European research project ERASMUS+ eLILY was completed at MOPR
cooperation,(Municipal Family Assistance Centre in Szczecin) in Szczecin on Tuesday 10th of
March 2020.

The pilot phase aimed to organize a face to face training to carers of older people and
people with dementia in order to help them using internet in taking care of elderly people
and assist them in finding valid health information on the websites, understanding the
content of this information, evaluating it, and applying it effectively to their provided care.
During the first day of face to face meeting participants and trainers completed three

Becouse of COVID-19 pandemy and general lock down the second training day, dedicated for
module 4 was postponed on April 2020. Unfortunetly participants couldn’t meet on face to
face so description of module 4 was organized on distance. All materials were sent to
caregivers and during online session (mailing, video and phone calls) participants disscussed
all questions with trainers.

General opinion and feedback about course was very positive and carers gave us a lot of
ideas ot improve elearning course.

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