eLily course launch in Nicosia (Cyprus)

The Cyprus University of Technology realised the final events for the launching of the eLearning course eLILY in Greek Version on 16 th and 17 th of September 2020, in Limassol and
Nicosia, Cyprus.

The first day of the events was organised in the premises of the University inviting all interested stakeholders, educators, nurses working in home care and nurses working with
families and older people. In total, 20 people attended the event and had the opportunity to learn about the 2-years project and the eLearning course. The leaflet of the project and the Health and eHealth Literacy survey report were available for all participants.

The scientific supervisor, Dr Evridiki Papastavrou, introduced all attendees to the project results, then Dr Areti Efthymiou, and Ms Joanna Menoikou, PhD(c) proceeded with the
presentations of the Health and eHealth Literacy, the face to face material and the eLearning version of the course.

The second day of the events was realised in Nicosia, in collaboration with the agency for home care “Maltezos”. In total, 8 paid carers (nurses and care workers) working with
families attended the event and had the opportunity to register to the platform. Dr Antonis Stylianides participated together with the reset of the CUT team. As in the first day,
participants had the opportunity to find out about the topic of Health and eHealth Literacy, the face to face and eLearning courses and learning material. All participants provided positive feedback in relation to the project outcomes and they promised to share with the
families they are working with at home.

To access the Greek version of the platform for Cyprus please visit

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