eLily course: the Italian partner ANS launched the platform on the 24 of september

ANS launched the eLily online course on eHealth literacy on the 24th of September. The event, hosted on zoom due the pandemic outbreak, involved participants from the whole country.

Rita Seneca, ANS communication manager, introduced the eCourse highlighting the importance of reducing the digital divide, a gap that showed its effects in particular in these troubled times when the “infodemic” phenomenon and the spread of misinformation or fake news through social media platforms and other channels, bought under the spotlight the e-health literacy and the importance of the implementation of focused training programmes addressed to the most vulnerable classes of our society.

Doubtless, this is rather urgent if we have a look to the statistics reporting that, in Italy, 3 out of 10 people still do not use the Internet habitually and more than half of the population does not have basic digital skills.

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