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E-health literacy for a stronger society: one of the top challenges for the upcoming decade

The eLily partnership launches its new free ecourse aimed at reducing the digital divide and lack of digital skills among carers of frail people

The covid-19 pandemic emergency has been accompanied by a parallel virus: the so-called “infodemic”, namely the spread of misinformation or fake news through social media platforms and other channels.

This phenomenon brought researchers to reconsider the concept of e-health literacy as a crucial factor and consequently, the urgency to implement a number of actions to respond to the overwhelming influx of information about health in general and emerging infectious diseases.

But what is eHealth literacy?
As reported in several studies, it is the individual’s ability to seek, understand and appraise health information from electronic resources and make informed health decisions for addressing a health problem in everyday activities (Norman & Skinner, 2006)

e-Lily project training methodology is based upon the important role that eHealth literacy may play to facilitate a better, more health-literate, infection prevention and control, in particular among those carers spending their life caring for their loved ones mostly frail or suffering from dementia disease.

Could an online training be the answer?
eLily project consortium believes this could be a powerful tool to address the digital divide and the dramatic return of the functional illiteracy.

As its final outcome, the partnership is pleased to launch the eHealth literacy freely accessible e-learning course, available in English and translated and adapted to national contexts of the involved countries: Poland, Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy.

The aim of this course is to train people on the use of the Internet, providing skills and knowledge to help them to search and understand medical information and support. For each of the 4 modules, users will be able to go through interactive resources.

The course is available here: https://elily.eu/e-learning-course/

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